Mirantis Training – Educational Server Instances Terms of Service

Account Access Limitations

Mirantis Training may revoke your access to Mirantis Training if you violate, or assist others in violating, the license limitations set forth below. You agree that you will not, in whole or in part or under any circumstances, do the following:

Acceptable Use

Educational Server Instances [hereafter referred to as “Lab Servers”] can be used for learning purposes during the period of time the user maintains an active subscription to the Mirantis Training site.

During the period of time that the user maintains an active subscription to Mirantis Training, the following activities are expressly forbidden:

Backup and Data Loss

Use of these Lab Server(s) is at the sole risk of the end user. Mirantis Training provides no backup facility or process for backing up user files. Mirantis Training is not responsible for files and/or data that may reside on these servers. The subscriber assumes all responsibility for the backup of files and data stored within each instance.

Uptime Guarantee

As these Lab Servers are not intended to be used in any commercial or production environment, Mirantis Training does not offer any guarantees regarding uptime, availability or stability. Use of these servers is at the sole risk of the end user and Mirantis Training shall not be held liable for their use or contents.


Anything that is done or originates from a Lab Server is the sole responsibility of the account holder and Mirantis Training will not provide any legal protection or indemnification for any activity that would be illegal in any state, country or province. Additionally, Mirantis Training will take immediate steps to remediate reported issues that originate from any Lab Server, up to and including any of the following:

An active Mirantis Training subscription does not entitle the end user to Lab Server use if it has been determined that it has been abused. Determination of abuse is at the sole discretion of Mirantis Training and can be made at any time for any reason, whether outlined specifically in this agreement or otherwise.

No Refunds