OpenStack Rocky Fundamentals | taught by Paul Quigley

Course Description

UPDATE! The OpenStack Fundamentals (OS50) has been updated for the OpenStack Rocky release 

This OpenStack primer is a revised version of our top selling OpenStack  Bootcamp I (OS100) course with focus on developing business perspectives and understanding the basics of OpenStack. This course is intended for  OpenStack end-users such as project managers, business developers, and  sales engineers who require cloud platform operational skills and a high level understanding of cloud computing internals, using OpenStack. The  course is broken up into two sections: lectures and labs.

The lectures provide students with the basics of cloud computing, OpenStack business values, OpenStack Overview, and the OpenStack Ecosystem.

The labs provide students with hands-on experience using the Horizon dashboard  to provision your own cloud resources like virtual machines, virtual  networks, and block storage. Students will also gain experience managing their own application image repository.

This quick yet  comprehensive introductory OpenStack basics course is led by Mirantis  engineers. Passionate about teaching, every Mirantis instructor is  committed to helping IT professionals of all skill levels advance their  expertise in OpenStack, offering individual help and facilitating  students in understanding class materials.

  • Average required time to complete the course: 8 hours
  • Access to labs: 3 days
  • Lab Extensions: 3 maximum
  • Access to lectures: 1 year

Target Audience
  • Project Managers
  • Pre-Sales / Sale Engineers
  • Development Engineers
  • Business Stakeholders
  • None
Lab Requirements
  • Laptop with Web Browser


  • The objective of the class is to help all students speak intelligently about OpenStack.
  • By the end of this course, students will be able to describe compelling  enterprise use cases of OpenStack with a high level understanding of  OpenStack components and how they interrelate. 
  • Furthermore, students  will gain knowledge of operating an OpenStack cluster as an end-user  which equates to valuable hands-on experience for business developers  and sales engineers to seamlessly transition from pre-sales to  successfully closing deals.


Module 1: Introduction to OpenStack

  • What is Cloud?
  • OpenStack business value
  • What is OpenStack?
  • What is unique about OpenStack?
  • OpenStack Foundation
  • Introducing the OpenStack projects
  • OpenStack APIs
  • OpenStack Ecosystem
  • How do you get OpenStack?
  • OpenStack deployment considerations
Understanding the classroom environment

Exploring the Dashboard UI (Horizon)

Create and manage images

Module 2:  OpenStack Architecture

  • Request Process Flow - Deploy an Instance
  • Dashboard UI (Horizon)
  • Identity Service (Keystone)
  • Compute Service (Nova)
  • Image Service (Glance)
  • Network Service (Neutron)
  • Block Storage Service (Cinder)
  • Resource Quotas
Create and manage volumes
Create and manage projects and users

Paul Quigley
Paul Quigley
Curriculum Developer/Technical Trainer

Paul Quigley is a Technical Curriculum Developer/Trainer in the Mirantis Training team, with a current focus on OpenStack. Paul has been involved in cloud technologies for over 10 years and OpenStack for over 7 years along with experience using VMware and KVM as hypervisors, provisioning workflows, cloud costing/billing/rating, and more.

When not working with OpenStack: Paul enjoys spending his time with his family, including his 4 grandchildren. Paul is also an avid NY Yankees fan!