Openstack Bootcamp | taught by Devin Parrish
with OCM100 exam

Course Description

UPDATE! This course now includes one free attempt at either the Mirantis OCM100. Get trained & certified in OpenStack!

Operate, configure, and administer an OpenStack Environment

This three day course is for IT operations, Network Admins, Security or Storage architects responsible for design, and indirect support and operation of an OpenStack installation. The course provides participants with a detailed understanding of all of the steps necessary to operate an OpenStack environment. The lectures cover architecture, best practices, provisioning workflow, component interaction, and is the best preparation for the real-world challenges faced by OpenStack experts. The course is broken up into two sections: lectures and labs.

The lectures provide students with an overview of OpenStack and its Architecture, Openstack Networking, Cloud Storage using Swift, Metering with Ceilometer, Orchestration using Heat templates. It also includes a look ahead to the OpenStack roadmap.

The labs provide students with hands-on experience on an all-in-one OpenStack Environment. Students will be given many opportunities to use and administer OpenStack using Horizon and command line. Over the course of 12+ lab modules, students will get to practice and engage with all of the core components of OpenStack. The labs conclude with a comprehensive review to solidify the hands-on skills that are required to operate an OpenStack environment.

  • Average required time to pass the course: 3 days
  • Access to labs: 3 days
  • Lab Extensions: 3 maximum
  • Access to lectures: 1 year
  • Includes 1 free OCM100 ($400 value) 

Target Audience

  • Systems Administrators
  • Technical IT Professionals


  • Basic Linux command line
  • Virtualization concepts
  • Networking concepts

Lab Requirements

  • Firefox or Chrome
  • SSH and SCP Software


The OpenStack Bootcamp I course covers the critical skills needed to operate an OpenStack cluster. Upon completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Describe the architecture of an OpenStack Cloud Environment
  • Define the key features of OpenStack
  • Identify suitable use-cases for OpenStack
  • Implement and use Image, Identity, and Dashboard services
  • Create and manage images and instances
  • Create and manage roles, users, and quotas
  • Find additional OpenStack help and support resources
  • Use the CLI and Dashboard
  • Create and manage roles, permissions, and ACLs
  • Helps prepare you for the Mirantis OCM100
Devin Parrish
Devin Parrish
Senior Technical Instructor
  • Began career as a Systems Engineer, automating, deploying, maintaining Linux & Unix systems
  • OpenStack experience includes deployment, configuration, cloud operation & troubleshooting
  • Has led trainings on a range of topics, including Linux administration and Java development

"Mirantis training not only gives you the hands-on experience all administrators need, but it also gives you the knowledge needed to understand the internals of the material."

Learn a little more about Devin: After completing studies in Computer Science, Devin began his professional career as a Systems Engineer automating, deploying, and maintaining Linux and Unix systems. He then began training professionals in topics ranging from Linux System Administration to Java software development.

Devin’s extensive experience includes deployment and configuration, cloud operation, and troubleshooting.

When not working: Devin enjoys traveling, bicycling, and anything hockey related.